Our Story

Earth boy - AfricaDo you want to make a lasting difference during your time on our planet?

I sure do. That’s what I left the Fortune 500 after my daughter was born and started the Global Ripple Fund. Our Center’s mission is to build a global network of young social & environmental entrepreneurs to change the way our world works.

The genesis of our Center

In 1990, I joined a high potential executive development program for a 63,000 person company doing business in over 100 countries. Six months later, I found myself leading those programs. My team of 56 hotshots from around the globe had access to the CEO, Presidents, and Executive VP’s. My team and I benefited from state-of-the-art leadership, management, and business training programs. Our carefully screened mentors were global experts in their fields. Not surprisingly, with those kinds of resources at our disposal, each of us rocketed upwards in our careers.

Knowing the advantage provided by this kind of access, training, and mentoring, I asked myself two critical questions in 1991 that changed everything…

  1. Could we use that training to engage thousands of young people around the planet in tackling social and environmental issues?
  2. How much better off would our world be?

And with those two questions, the Global Ripple Fund was born.

We call it the “Global Ripple”

  • Ripple 1, we teach you state-of-the-art skills.
  • Ripple 2, we help you develop a plan to address pressing issues in your local community and/or around the planet.
  • Ripple 3, you implement your plan.
  • Ripple 4, you teach others “how to ripple”.

Join us on our journey… It will change your life.

Peace – Martin