Center for Global Leadership changes name to Global Ripple Fund (GRF).

Global Ripple Fund’s Martin Fox wins the Outdoor Industry’s Inspirational Person of the Year.

GRF’s Martin Fox named one of the best leadership educators in the country.

GRF’s Martin Fox highlighted in the Responsibility Project blog. Read More

Glamour magazine names GRF fellow one of the ten most inspiring university students in the USA (unfortunately, she was too young to receive the award.)

GRF partners with the Center for Creative Leadership to offer programs to underserved populations in the United States and the developing world.

GRF trains with the Aspen Institute’s Development Entrepreneur Network to create capacity in the developing world.

GRF hosts US State Department sponsored delegation from Morocco. The delegation is traveling around the USA studying models for youth development.

GRF Fellow wins “” award for creating the first female soccer league in the Kilimanjaro region’s rural schools.

133 students in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region have joined the GRF team and will be leading development initiatives in their home villages.

Alyssa von Puttkammer (GRF Fellow and Tufts U. student) demonstrated the power of the global ripple by establishing the first female soccer league in Msaranga’s rural schools (empowering 78 young women through sports).

GRF installs a computer lab was installed in a rural Tanzanian school, providing students and village residents access to 21st century educational technology.

GRF is working with an innovative technology provider to build a model for implementing low-energy, low-cost computer labs in schools around the developing world.

GRF interviews Tanzanian social entrepreneurs, with the top entrepreneurs invited onto our team (we are training, mentoring, and “resourcing” them). As part of the global ripple, they will use their new skills to help train and mentor the next generation of young Tanzanian leaders.

GRF develops village-level vocational training programs with Tanzanian partners to help local students gain employable skills.

GRF vets Tanzanian poverty eradication projects and local microfinance organizations for competency and ethical transparency.

GRF purchases, and helps global volunteers, install fencing around a Tanzanian orphanage’s organic garden to keep the cows, goats, and ducks from eating the orphan’s food supply.

GRF is meeting with the East Africa Informal Economic Sector to explore the roll-out of a community-based poverty eradication model for the Kilimanjaro region.

GRF receives permission from the Ministry of Education to roll-out our student programs in the region’s public schools.

Requests are rolling in to expand GRF work to nine other countries in Africa.

GRF developing programs for US cities, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Haiti, and Peru.

GRF young entrepreneur academy teens fund microfinance business loan in Paraguay.

GRF wraps-up first young entrepreneur academy at Deer Valley Resort with an amazing group of inspired teens.

GRF hosts joint Israel/Palestine Peace Delegation. Sponsored by the US State Department.

GRF Founder selected as judge for Young Humanitarian of the Year Award.

GRF is now being followed by people from 1,465 cities, 114 countries, and 6 continents.

GRF celebrates 14,000th blog reader.

GRF being followed by people on six continents and 109 countries.

GRF funds loans to entrepreneurs in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Peru.

GRF Founder selected to judge YouthLINC’s 2010 Utah Young Humanitarian Awards.

GRF joins social entrepreneurs from around the world at the Center for Creative Leadership’s “Train-the-Trainer” program in Greensboro, NC.

Meeting with John Hatch, founder of FINCA International. With over 700,000 clients on five continents, FINCA is one the world’s leading microfinance organizations.

GRF teen skiers rampage Snowbird Resort for an adventure of epic proportions

GRF teaches two business school courses at Cornell University.

Deer Valley Resort will be home for GRF’s Utah-based programs

GRF receives Rotary International grant to deliver young entrepreneur training in Utah.

GRF working with the Center for Creative Leadership to deliver leadership training to low income youth around the world.

GRF joins Net Impact organization. MBA students changing the world through business.

GRF attends global Economic Self Reliance conference at BYU.

GRF students spend a week learning to lead – while rampaging class IV rapids in Colorado and Utah.

GRF climbing photo highlighted in Delta Sky Magazine.

Cornell University partners with Global Ripple Fund  for student training.

Global Ripple Fund  founder invited to join global Millennium Network.

GRF Founder and President selected as Chair of Cornell’s Alumni Admissions Network in Utah.

Global Ripple Fund  announces New Zealand base.

Global Ripple Fund model discussed with Stanford students.

Chris Haslock, a two time Olympian and former US Ski Team Coach, joins the Global Ripple Fund’s Board of Directors.

GRF runs mountain climbing and river kayaking program for Nashville students.