We Are A “Think and Do Tank”

Sun in handsFueled by world-class change leadership tools from Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, CCL, Fortune 500 executive development programs, and more…

  • 1st Ripple – you develop an idea that has significant and meaningful impact in your local community or around the world.
  • 2nd Ripple – we help you implement the idea. One student from Boston started the first female soccer league in the Kilimanjaro region to empower village girls through sports.
  • 3rd Ripple – you pass it on, helping to train the next wave.

Our focus areas

We follow Jeffrey Sach’s and the Earth Institute’s Big 5 Core Levers For Economic Development

  1. Agriculture and the Environment
  2. Education
  3. Healthcare
  4. Safe Water and Sanitation
  5. Infrastructure

Creating jobs in underserved populations

  1. Increasing human capital & educational achievement for underserved populations.
  2. Helping underserved young people start businesses that create jobs.
  3. Helping existing businesses in underserved communities to realize profitable growth and create jobs.

The Environment – From conservation to alternative energy, recycling to clean water – our students pick the issues that speak to them and then mobilize others to do something about it.