Helping Young People Change The Planet

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iStock_000017889609XSmallUnleash Your True Power and Greatness…┬áThe Global Ripple Fund finds, coaches, and connects the young leaders who are making a difference on the planet.

Who We Work With… Our young leaders are inspired social entrepreneurs, environmental entrepreneurs, and grassroots for-proft entrepreneurs. People who are changing the way our world works.

Fun and Adventure… Changing the way our world works is meant to be a fun and epic life adventure, not somber martyrdom. We work with some of the coolest people in the coolest places around the planet.

How it Works… It is really pretty simple. 1. You have come to us with an idea that improves lives and/or the planet (locally or globally). 2. We give you world class skills, tools, connections, and help you execute your idea. 3. You pass it on – training and helping other change makers to do the same.

Our work focuses on 5 key areas required for economic development (all five are required at local levels):

  • Education
  • Key infrastructure (heavy emphasis on technology)
  • Healthcare
  • Safe water and Sanitation
  • Agriculture and the Environment